Principles of Management

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Q1. In which of the following situations would a Gantt chart be appropriate to use?
Building a bridge
Installing a local area network for a computer system
Rebuilding communities destroyed by natural calamities
All of these
Q2. One of the benefits of planning is how it________.
Encourages people to work faster
Reduces employee turnover
Eliminates all discriminatory practices
Does none of these
Q3. Which of the following is an objective of ethics training?
Develop employee awareness about ethics
Teach employee a practical model of ethical decision making
Achieve credibility with employees
Achieve all of these
Q4. Caterpillar announced plans to cut its production of construction equipment due to forecasted increases increase in steel prices. By discovering the problem with product inputs and letting customers know that its output will fall short, Caterpillar used _____ controls.
Q5. Control is a cybernetic process because it_____.
Has a feedback loop
Is an intermittent process
Is the first management function
Uses automated benchmarks
Q6. Which of the following is NOT an example of a commonly used operations management tool?
Capacity planning
Linear programming
Scheduling systems
Target marketing
Q7. The ability to perform ______ increase in its importance to success as managers’ rise through the managerial ranks.
Interpersonal skills
Human skills
Conceptual skills
Information skills
Q8. _____is a general term that refers to subdividing work and workers into separate organizational units that are responsible for completing particular tasks.
Organizational layout
Organizational process
Job formatting
Q9. Doug has a low-paying job for a telecommunications company. Every day when he goes home from work, Doug puts a headset, a stapler, or something similar in his lunch box and takes it home with him. Doug sees nothing wrong with his behavior since he should. In terms of Kohlberg’s stages of moral development, Doug is operating at which level?
Legally mandated
Q10. A manufacturer of automatic locking devices shipped 20,000 devices to a car manufacturer that was unable to use them because of a design law. If manufacturer of the devices waited until the parts were returned before determining why it created unusable component parts, it would be using ____ control.
Q11. The founder and CEO of medical products distributor, establishes ambitious goals for his employees and is confident that they will be able to achieve these goals. In term of the path-goal theory, this founder and CEO is exhibiting a (n) ___ type of leadership.
Achievement- oriented

Q13. _____ integrity tests indirectly estimate employee honesty by measuring psychological traits
Q14. What type of planning would be used to create the festivities necessary to celebrate the 100-year anniversary of a furniture manufactures?
Single-use plan
Contingency plan
Scenario plan
Standing plan
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Q16. Large accounting agencies typically have separate department that deal with households, business, and governments. This allows them to better serve the needs of their clients, by using _______ departmentalization.
Q17. Job specialization can result in_____.
High job satisfaction
Employee boredom
Low employee turnover
Complicated job designs
Q18. An organization which is a _______in terms of it’s adaptive strategy would NOT follow a consistent strategy.
Q19. One method of weighing decision criteria uses_______, which is a process where each decision is compared directly to every other criterion.
Absolute comparisons
Relative comparisons
Minimum threshold rule

Q20. Hallmark has four departments. These departments are (1) Flowers and gifts, (2) Cards and E-cards, (3) Hallmark collectibles, and (4) photo albums and Scrapbooks. Hallmark uses _______ departmentalization.
Q21. ________ is the collection of activities that transform inputs into outputs that customer’s value.
Organizational structure
Production positioning
Organizational process
Q22. A chain of specialty fashion stores has interviewed a sample of its female customers and learned that a customer can be expected to visit the store looking for new merchandise on average every weeks. The chain stores was able to set this standard through___________.
Evaluating the standard’s capacity to enable goal achievement
Benchmarking competitors
Listening to customers
23. The ________ approach to decision-making is a method in which an individual or a subgroup is assigned the role a critic.
Dialectical inquiry
Devil’s advocacy
Q24. According to _________, the most effective management theory or idea depends on the kinds of problem or situations that managers we facing at a particular time and place.
Scientific management
The human relations approach
Administrative management
The contingency approach
Q25. Which of the following companies is most likely operating in a dynamic environment?
A video game manufacturer
A bakery
A brewery, winery, or distillery in the liquor industry
A manufacturer of per food
Q26. Fist-line managers will most likely have to:
Monitor the performance of corporate investments
Encourage, monitor and reward the perforomance of their employees
Determine how to deal with long-term environmental changes
Periodically monitor the company’s organizational culture
Q27. After a year as a manager, new managers typically realize their job is:
To be a troubleshooter
To manage tasks
just as they expected
People management
28. Which of the following is Not associated with Max Weber’s bureaucratic management?
Merit- based promotion
Span of management
Division of labor
Chain of command
Q29. The goal of scientific management is to_____.
Make sure workers did not consider their work boring or repetitive
Decreased wages for individual workers
Eliminate conflict between workers and management
Find the one best way to perform each task
Q30. According to Mary Parker Follett, _____ is an approach for dealing with conflict in which one party satisfies its desires and objectives at the expense of the other party’s desires and objectives.
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