Service Operations Management

Service Operations Management
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1. There are a few major areas in which technology now is able to help provide key advantages to businesses in engendering customer loyalty by improving customer service:
(A): wensite
(B): email
(C): advertisement
(D): all 2. The service sector, also called tertiary sector, is the …….. of the three economic sectors.
(A): first
(B): second
(C): third
(D): fourth 3. The service sector provides a service, not an actual …….. that could be held in your hand.
(A): cost
(B): cash
(C): profit
(D): product 4. A customer’s expectation of a particular service is determined by factors such as
(A): recommendadtions
(B): past experiences
(C): personal needs
(D): all 5. Customers generally have a tendency to compare the service they ‘experience’ with the ………….. they ‘expect’ .
(A): service
(B): cost
(C): cash
(D): profit 6. Increasingly service sector businesses focus on what is now being called the “ economy”
(A): knowledge
(B): politics
(C): banks
(D): companies 7. …………….. management deals with cases where the customer arrival is random
(A): process
(B): Queue
(C): both
(D): none 8. A cost is associated with customer ………. in line and there is cost associated with adding new counters to reduce service time.
(A): waiting
(B): stopping
(C): sleeping
(D): all 9. These are the types of workflow layouts that managers can choose from
(A): product
(B): process
(C): fixed position
(D): all 10. Facility layout decisions are based on criteria aimed at creating an effective and efficient ………. and high standard production.
(A): freeflow
(B): workflow
(C): both
(D): none 11. Facilities should be designed so that they can be …. expanded or adjusted to meet changing production needs.
(A): easily
(B): stupidly
(C): sternly
(D): closely 12. ………. manufacturing systems most often are highly automated facilities having intermediate-volume production of a variety of products
(A): fixed
(B): Flexible
(C): both
(D): none 13. The facility design should reflect a recognition of the importance of smooth ………….. flow.
(A): cash
(B): funds
(C): process
(D): all 14. ………tracking is to be avoided in whatever pattern is chosen.
(A): front
(B): side
(C): back
(D): along 15. When parts and materials move against or across the …… flow, personnel and paperwork become confused, parts become lost, and the attainment of coordination becomes complicated.
(A): overall
(B): front
(C): side
(D): back 16. Small business owners should make certain that the facility layout makes it possible to handle…..
(A): process
(B): man
(C): machinery
(D): materials 17. The facility should be laid out in a way that is conducive to helping the business meet its ……. needs.
(A): HR
(B): finance
(C): production
(D): markating 18. ……………. factors that can influence the degree of attractiveness of a facility include not only the design of the production area itself
(A): Design
(B): control
(C): development
(D): finance 19. Facility layout must be considered very carefully because we do not want to constantly redesign the ………..
(A): cost
(B): profit
(C): facility
(D): all 20. Office layout criteria, although hard to quantify, are ……. of communication cost and maximization of employee productivity
(A): maximisation
(B): minimization
(C): increase
(D): hike
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