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Blue Initiative attitude
CO2 initiative
Skill gap analysis
Performance appraisal
Development of average employees
Financial issue
Company’s culture
Manpower need

Geodis Wilson is freight Management Company. It deals with road, air and sea freight services all over the world. It operates more than 120 countries. Approximately 26,000 employees are working in company.
Mission- Clients’ growth by overcoming logistical constraints.
Vision-To be growth partner for client.
Values- Five values of Geodis Wilson are commitment, trust, solidarity, passion, innovation.
Business principle- Achieving objectives through STS.
STS is defined as satisfaction through stakeholders. Stakeholders are those individuals or group, who take keen interest in any organization’s ability to deliver results. Stakeholders of Geodis Wilson are mentioned below.
The customers, the employees, the shareholder, the society at large
Geodis Wilson’s strategy aims at the total satisfaction of stakeholder.
A.STS (stakeholder total satisfaction)-STS is pillar of business excellence at Geodis Wilson. Seven rules are defined to reach objective of STS.
B.CSR (corporate social responsibility)- CSR is core strategy of Geodis Wilson. In 2003 company signed UN global compact. Company is committed to corporate social responsibility towards stakeholder.
C. Blue Attitude Trophy- This program includes educating and uniting employees. It also promotes practical SD (sustainable development) initiative by employees to customers. It encourages sharing and circulating good practice among employees.
D.CO2 Footprint initiative- It is taken for the protection of environment. Geodis Wilson promptly takes steps to any customer request related to emission.
75% of Wilson employees are in direct contact of customer. Thus, company walks extra mile for employees. Company continuously measures for employee engagement and satisfaction. Geodis Wilson heavily invests in training for over all employee development. Company provides enough career opportunities for personnel development. HR department organize various kind of competition. These competitions open up latent talent of employees. Suggestions are always welcome in Geodis Wilson. Geodis Wilson is approaching full investor in people accreditation. ‘Investor in people’ is globally recognized standard. It deals with managing people in big organizations with excellence.
Suggested Strategies-Interest of stakeholders is rooted at mission, vision and values of company. Core of strategy should revolve around stakeholders. It should reflect in day-to-day working. Geodis must respond effectively to expectations of all stakeholders. Logistic industry works in dynamics environment so economic, environmental and social challenges intersect. A well formulated and balanced strategical plan is essential for company’s growth.
For employees
1. Strategy should encourage diversification within teams. Gender equality and involvement of disabled people must be key agenda of strategy.
2. Employee loyalty is intangible asset for any organization, strategy should secure employee loyalty. Company is launching Ambition 2018 plan.
3. Extra emphasize on training for skill development.
4. Policies development for employee health and safety (on road and on site).
5. Involvement of clients in safety initiative.
For Customers- An innovative strategy that helps clients to accelerate growth.
1. Policies to develop partnership with clients, So that company can better understand their expectation.
2. Optimization of clients’ supply chain through innovations.
For Environment- A Strategic planning for eco-friendly programs which include 360 degree involvements.
1. Involvement of suppliers and subcontractor in eco-friendly initiative.
2. Development of policies which ensure that suppliers and subcontractor comply with safety and environment regulations.
3. Implement initiative that reduces fuel consumption.
4. Encouragement of corporate sponsorship policy and citizenship initiative.
For shareholders
Shareholders are interested in maximization of profit. Above mentioned step will bring long-term profit and reputation.

Part 2
Organizations face numerous challenges in strategy execution. Proper addressing and planning of these issues can result in greater output.
HR issues may arise while implementing core strategy.
Skill gap analysis- For fast growing global company employees should be ready to embrace changes. Employees should be competent enough to learn new technologies. Employees need competencies to support international expansion. A skill gap analysis is a method to know about people’s skill set. It helps to assess skills availability in present workforce. Hr department can forecast skill requirement. HR department can also plan for skill development.
Performance appraisal-For the successful implementation CSR (core strategy), it is important to know about star performers. Company can put best efforts to keep talent. HR can effectively plan to flourish talent. HR department organize various kind of competition like blue attitude trophy. Competitions are effective way to filter superior employees and average employees.
Development of average employees- Leaving behind average employees is not good for any organization. They are not tools so their development is also responsibility of company. Geodis Wilson has implemented HR tools like G-talent for the training and development of employees.
Financial issue-All these efforts are huge financial burden. These all initiative brings intangible results. These results can’t be measured in figures. There are various different ways to know the effectiveness of initiatives. Geodis Wilson maintains dialogue between employees and management through committees. An independent survey is conducted to know the feedback. Geodis Wilson made action plan to carry out finding of survey.
Motivation- To motivate employees Geodis Wilson organized innovation master award. It encourages creative potential of employees.
Recruitment-People are the core of Geodis Wilson’s mission. Extra care should be taken while recruiting people in Geodis Wilson. Leaders must realize importance of right people. Selection of right people at right time at right place is critical component. Company should look most carefully at people who are aligned to mission of company. Company should hire those people who are deeply interested to give value to clients. Company should look people who are genuinely committed to their personnel development and growth. Geodis Wilson constantly looks for new talents who are young and dynamic. Geodis Wilson is already promoting gender and disability equality at workplace. It launched a voluntary program EQUALIS to fight all forms of discrimination at workplace. Geodis Wilson is global company with dynamic, competitive environment. Company provides training, career opportunity, international mobility for personnel development.
Company’s culture- Company’s culture is supportive for employee’s problems. Sometime lack of technical support makes work challenging and tedious. Long working hours are other issues which manager needs to sort out. Employees working in different time zone face work life balance issues.
Manpower need- Geodis Wilson is fast growing company. A proper human resource planning is required.HR department is juggling to figure out human resource demand. HR is making their way to find out new talent, who can adapt changes and keen for long-term commitment with company.
Planning is road map of achieving objectives. Strategy should be aligned with organization’s mission. Execution of strategy encounters resistance, but advance planning of these issues can result smooth sailing.
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Contact for best and lowest cost solution or
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