Business Communication BBA 2 Sem

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ADL 24 Business Communication V2

ADL 24 Business Communication V2

Assignment A
1. Explain the process of communication?
2. Why is recognizing common barriers to effective communication important? Identify one common barrier from each of the following three barrier zones.
-Barriers by surrounding environment
-Barrier between the people
-Barrier made by words
3. As you prepare a business presentation for your company’s executive management committee, how will you know whether you need visual aids? What kinds of visual aids can be used?
4. How important is body language while appearing for an interview? Elaborate giving suitable examples.
5. Write short note on any three of the following.
a) Abbreviations( Give examples)
b) Synonyms & Antonyms(Give examples)
c) Non Verbal communication( Give examples)
d) Interview as a mode of non verbal communication
e) Types of business letters
6. Draft a circular for the office staff mentioning the changes in timings of the office?
7. Design the promotional material for a management event. It should include brochures, invites and programs.
8. You are the office manager for Smart System, Inc, a startup IT firm in Udyog Vihar Gurgaon. Recently you bought 10 modems from Precision Supplies, a computer hardware supplier located in New Delhi (L2 Block Connaught Palace New Delhi). After two weeks of installation of modems, you found that two of the modems are not functioning properly. Since you have paid the full amount against the purchase of modems you are entitled to enjoy two years of warrantee including free replacement for any product within one month.
You called their customer service department to ask for replacement last Friday that replacement would be delivered on following Monday. It is now Friday and you haven’t heard anything from the supplier company. You need the two modems immediately as your company is working on a major project and dead line is approaching fast. This is the first time you have ordered from Precision Suppliers and may be last.
Write a letter of complaint to demand for immediate replacement or full refund.
Case Study

. Read the case study given below and answer the questions given at the end

Charisma Corporation
Charisma Corporation (CC) has recently embarked on a new kind of training. The corporation is teaching many of its employees, especially those in the marketing and sales to make decisions on the basis of non verbal communication cues. For Malini Varma, VP of CC, focusing on non verbal communications has become an important part of her inter personal dealings. Several years ago, Varma became interested in how body movements and mannerism truly reflect what an individual is saying. Continuously reading in this area of study, Varma has been able to take decisions about potential employees and potential customers by ‘reading’ them. Varma believes that body language can give a person competitive advantage. It can make difference while closing a deal or, as in CC’s case, while hiring employees. For example, during interviews, Malini pays constant attention to the candidate’s eye movements and mannerism. She believes that she can correctly predict if the candidate will be aggressive sales person while simultaneously being personable and friendly. How does she do it? She does this by looking at their eyes and the way they present themselves. In one case hiring decision came down to two people. The first person was animated and made constant eye contact. The second candidate never looked in the eyes of Malini. , leaned back in his/her chair, and crossed both his legs and arms. The first candidate demonstrated the communication skills that Varma thought aligned with successful performance in her organization.
Malini Varma is convinced that communication skills play a significant role in helping her organization achieve its annual sales goals. Personally, she has found that it has helped her ‘quality’ customers. For instance even when a potential customer says,’ yes’ with his/her arms and legs crossed emphatically, it means, No! Understanding this, Varma is in a better position to probe further into the possible objections the customer has. She has found that, in many cases, she is able to steer the conversation in a direction that ultimately leads to successfully closing a sale. And that is a major competitive advantage.

1. What problems Varma encounter by her heavy reliance on non verbal communication?
2. What communication guidance would you give to Varma and individuals like her who place an inordinately high value on body language? Explain your position.

Assignment C

  1. Example of external Communication–
    a) Letter from supplier
    b) Meeting of employees in purchase department
    c) Conversation between a manager and his assistant
    d) Telephone call from area manager to branch manager
  2. A manager would give message about social events to employees using–
    a) Fax
    b) Report
    c) Agenda
    d) Notice
  3. Which size of business is most likely to use informal communication more regularly–
    a) Large
    b) Medium
    c) International
    d) Small
  4. Which of these are record of a meeting?
    a) Agenda
    b) Minutes
    c) Plans
    d) Presentation
  5. What type of meeting is AGM?
    a) Annual General Meeting
    b) Asking Group Meeting
    c) Altogether Group Meeting
    d) Answering General Meeting
  6. Which of these is a disadvantage of e-mail as a form of Business Communication?
    a) Lack of possible details
    b) Limited number of recipients
    c) Speed
    d) Difficult for receiver to determine the tone
  7. What o the letters ENC or ENCs at the end of a business letter mean?
    a) Enclosure
    b) Encircle
    c) Encore
    d) Encase
  8. A cover letter is–
    a) Courteous and helpful
    b) Unnecessary
    c) Considered to be in poor taste
    d) Always mailed separately
  9. Inquiry letters are letters that–
    a) Ask for more information
    b) Ask for credit
    c) Try to reactivate the business
    d) Ask for adjustments
  10. Which of the following is NOT a component in the Communication Model?
  11. a) Sender
    b) Messenger
    c) Encoding
    d) Receiver
  12. What kind of information should be included in a resume?
    1. Work experience
    2. Education
    3. Affiliation & Membership
    4. Letter of recommendation
    a) All except 1
    b) All except 2
    c) All except 3
    d) All except 4
  13. What are the common barriers that impede communication?
    1. Barriers with people
    2. Barriers with wards
    3. Barriers made by cultural differences
    4. Barriers made distance
  14. a) All of above
    b) All except 2
    c) All except 3
    d) All except 4
    Which of the following information should be included in minutes?
    1. Date & venue of the meeting
    2. Decisions made at the meeting
    3. Comments from members
    4. Action to be taken by the members
    a) All of above
    b) All except 2
    c) All except 3
    d) All except 4
  15. When preparing to write for business purposes , the 4 Ps include—
    1. Personal
    2. Position
    3. Polite
    4. Professional
    a) All except 1
    b) All except 2
    c) All except 3
    d) All except 4
  16. Which of the following is NOT a problem when calling for a meeting?
    a) Personal Agenda
    b) Team spirit
    c) Interpersonal conflicts
    d) Cultural differences


  1. What type of software would a writer uses to produce a slide show for a meeting?
  2. a) Database application
    b) Presentation application
    c) Spreadsheet application
    d) Personal information application
  3. Which of the following is not a component in Communication model?
    1. Sender
    2. Messanger
    3. Encoding
    4. Receiver
    a) All of the above
    b) All except 1
    c) All except 2
    d) All except 3
    18. Which of the following is NOT a problem when calling for a meeting?
  4. a) Personal Agenda
    b) Team Spirit
    c) Interpersonal Conflicts
    d) Cultural Differences
  5. Which of the following is not an external business written communication?
  6. a) Complaint Letter
    b) Curriculum Vitae
    c) Memo
    d) Enquires letter
  7. Effective communication can only be achieved when—
    1. The audience is understood
    2. Feedback is encouraged
    3. Thoughts are organized
    a) All of the above
    b) All except 1
    c) All except 2
    d) All except 3
  8. Although spell checks are useful for identifying misspelled words, it cannot distinguish–
    a) Words that are spelled correctly but used incorrectly
    b) Troublesome words that are misspelled
    c) Homonyms that are misspelled
    d) Synonyms that are misspelled
  9. What should be avoided when engaging in business correspondences?
    1. Choppy sentences
    2. Passive sentences
    3. Bias free language
    4. Cliches
  10. a) All except 1
    b) All except 2
    c) All except 3
    d) All except 4
    I invited a friend to come to a street market by my house where they served some real good Japanese food. My friend’s mom wanted to pay for her daughter’s meal, but I insisted on paying for both for meals myself, her mom finally said, OK, as long as we go Dutch next time. What does it means?
    a) I pay for your meal
    b) You take me with you
    c) You let me drive you there
    d) We divide the costs
  11. I went to a real nice restaurant yesterday. The food wasn’t costly and helping were generous. I asked for a doggy bag as I couldn’t eat the entire food.
    a) Package to pack leftover food
    b) Dog bowl that you can give the left over to your dog
    c) A special order where you get smaller meals
    d) Special order where you get larger meals
  12. Fabian was a doormat. No wonder his class mates were always giving him a hard time.
    a) Snob
    b) Geek
    c) Coward
    d) Chubby boy
    26. When superior provides directions to his subordinates, it is known as—————- communication.
  13. a) Upward
    b) Downward
    c) Horizontal
    d) Lateral
  14. If a person taps his feet, it is an indication of–
    a) Impatience
    b) Anger
    c) Frustration
    d) Confidence
  15. Active listening can be demonstrated verbally through–
    a) Clarifications
    b) Questions
    c) Feedback/Suggestions
    d) All of the above
  16. Paying more attention to the way speaker is dressed, is an example of focusing on——-rather than ———–.
  17. a) Deliver, Content
    b) Content, Delivery
    c) Looks, Message
    d) None of above
  18. The most valuable ideas come from——– communication.
    a) Upward
    b) Downward
    c) Horizontal
    d) none
  19. Kinesics means–
  20. a) Personal space and distance
    b) Body language
    c) Physical environment
    d) None of the above
  21. Eye contact conveys–
    a) Intensity and interest
    b) Nervousness
    c) Interest
    d) Anger
  22. Barriers to listening–
    a) Psychological Barriers
    b) Physical Barriers
    c) Attitudinal Barriers
    d) All of above
  23. Some common mistakes made with regard to English Language usage are–
    a) Redundancies
    b) Clichés
    c) Frequent use of similar sounding words
    d) All of above
    35. Power Point slides should not be–
    a) Cluttered
    b) Colorful
    c) Decorative
    d) None of above
    36. Meetings are effective when———–are not made
  24. a) Inputs
    b) Decisions
    c) Communication
    d) None of above
  25. The common purpose of notices and circulars is to———–rather than————–.
    a) Persuade, Inform
    b) Inform, Persuade
    c) None of above
    d) Both of above
  26. Effective communication with shareholders means being——–with them.
    a) Open
    b) Transparent
    c) Truthful
    d) All of above
  27. A———is an opening statement in a bad news letter.
    a) Idea
    b) Subject
    c) Buffer
    d) None of above
  28. Audience analysis helps to determine the——-and——of the report.
  29. a) Tone & Complexity
    b) Language &ideas
    c) None
    d) Both

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