DRIVE-WINTER 2015 PROGRAM-MBA SEMESTER-2 MB0046- Marketing Management

SUBJECT CODE & NAME-MB0046- Marketing Management
BK ID-B1629 CREDIT & MARKS-4 Credits, 60 marks

Q1. Explain the steps in Business Buying process.
Characteristics of Organisational Buyer 2
Steps in business buying process 8
Q2. A brand is a composite set of beliefs and associations in the mind of consumers. In brand development, as a part of branding strategy decision, the brand manager can decide to create new brand elements for the new products, apply some of the existing brand elements to the new product, or use a combination of existing and new brand elements to the existing and new products. Explain the different branding strategies used by the companies for their range of products.
(Definition of Brand, Advantages of Brand, Explanation of different branding strategies adopted by companies) 2+2+6=10
Q3. Explain the classification of market based on nature of Competition and area.
Definition of market 2
Classification of market based on nature of Competition and area 8
Q4. Personal selling focuses in on ‘personal’ or ‘one to one’ selling. It involves an individual salesman or a sales team establishing and building a profitable relationship with customers over a period of time through a series of steps. Explain the steps in the personal selling process which helps in the successful sales.
(Definition of Personal Selling, Explanation of steps in the Personal selling process) 2, 8
Q5. Describe the stages in consumer decision making process.
(Explanation of the stages in consumer decision making process) 10
Q6. Do you think the argument of some theorists that the traditional Ps are not enough for services marketing? Give suitable examples to prove your point.
Define Service Marketing 2
Explanation of 4p’s 4
Explanation of Additional 3 p’s 4

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