MBA 3rd Sem Principles & Pratices of Management

Q1. Comment on the statement “Delegation of authority is the key to organization”. Discuss the advantages of delegation in the light of this statement.
Q2. To whom do you think is performance appraisal more significant to the organization or to the individual? Justify.
Q3. Elucidate the relationship between planning and control.
Q4. Explain the MBO Process
Q5. Explain briefly various Management Functions. What is the basis for saying that planning is the most crucial management function? Discuss.
Q6. What steps can an organization take to increase the motivational force for high levels of performance?
Q7. What were the Hawthorne experiments? What effects did they have on the Management practices?
Q8. What are the challenges faced by the professional managers in the contemporary Indian industrial set up?

Assignment B :
When Mr.Ram Bansal took over the handbag department at RK & Company New Delhi, he established several important goals for the department. One was to increase sales without increasing the number of salespeople or the way they were paid. Unlike some retail supervisors, Mr.Bansal was not in a position to use commissions to reward improved performance. All his employees were paid a straight wage without commissions and all members of the staff were union led. He also wanted to improve customer service and employee satisfaction.

This arrangement offered few motivational options and had a negative effect on employee attitudes. In other departments of the company, customers were often shown a dressing room “cop” who asked how many garments were included and gave them the appropriately coloured tag. The original sales clerk rarely appeared for additional customer service. Many sales people in the company were painfully aware of the lack of personal commitment to their job and customers. One employee commented, “There’s a lot of talk about increasing customers.” Mr.Bansal knew he had to make some changes in order to improve the sales production in the department.
His first step was to give full-time employees their own counter area and their own line of merchandise. He also increased the responsibility of the sales staff for managing their own inventory and their own line of merchandise. Any sales person who needed information was encouraged to offer the buying staff suggestions, was encouraged to talk with buyer of handbags. Previously, the sales staff had felt they were not supposed to talk to buyers.

Every week, Mr.Bansal brings the staff together for a meeting. At these meetings, he emphasizes the importance of customer service and reviews any change in departmental policies and procedures. He also encourages employees to discuss problems and ask questions. These meetings provide Mr.Bansal with an opportunity to publicly recognize the accomplishments of employees.
Questions to Answer
Q1. What motivational need did Mr.Bansal satisfy for his full-time employees?

Q2. Discuss these needs with reference to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

Q3. Mr.Bansal achieved significant productivity gains because of a positive change in employee’s attitudes. What motivational strategies did he use to achieve this success?
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