MBA 3rd Sem Front Office Management

Q1. What according to you, are the basic factors that influence tourism development in a particular country?
Q2. Speculate as to why the instituition of hotels originated in and became famous in Europe.
Q3. In your opinion, which services provided by a hotel are necessary and which are superfluous?
Under what category does the availability of a translator/secretary fall?
Q4. Why are capsule hotels popular only in Japan?
Q5. Has space tourism really taken off in a major way?
Q6. Give Reasons as to why the initial motels established in America were called “mom and pop facilities?”
Q7. Why did the ownership of motels in America pass onto those of Indian descent particularly Gujarati folks?
Q8. What is the reason behind the popularity of condominiums?

Case Study

Maria Taylor began working with Plaza hotel, two years ago. When she started her job as front office manager, she had a hard time managing her responsibilities. Her colleagues frequently made her feel miserable, by not cooperating with her. The personnel manager regularly reprimanded her for not managing her schedule and not handing in the payroll forms on time. The house-keeper though friendly otherwise, continuously got into arguments with the desk clerks regarding check-in and check-out timings. The communication lines were down and the executive engineer frequently misunderstood what kind of a situation should be deemed an emergency. The food manager was dissatisfied because the number of guests accessing the dining room and lounge were quite less. The desk clerks were not excited about the free coupons for food and beverages which were being offered by the hotel and frequently forgot to hand them out. What’s more the desk clerks were not organized and did nothing to promote the in –house restaurant. Another colleague never responded to mails and had to be contacted again and again to pass on crucial information. Maria was in the dumps and to make matters worse, she had to attend a meeting with the general manager regarding her execution of job responsibilities and her style of functioning.

Q1, What steps should Maria take to boost sinking employee morale?
Q2. Can Maria do something to facilitate communication and interaction between employees?
Q3. A) Does personnel training or the lack of it play an important role in the organisation? B) How can Maria ensure that her staff co-operates with her?

part C
1. Communication and ________ are two of the most important functions of a front desk.
2. The _____________ sets the goals, objectives and standards for all departments to follow.
3. An _____________i sone of the major challenges faced by a front office manager.
4. ___________ is/are a means of encouraging guests to make use of the hotel’s facilities such as its restaurant.
5. ________ is a statistical term used to describe how full or occupied the rooms in a hotel are.
6. The front office applies useful __________ strategies to maximise the sales of the guestrooms of the hospitality industry.
7. The _____________ works regular shifts to produce coverage along with the night auditor and desk clerks.
8. A _________ helps guests to carry their luggage to their respective rooms.
9. The __________ is a pivotal link in the communication process.
10. ___________________ concepts involve application of managerial concepts to understand operational processes and development of methods to improve those processes.
11. The assisstant general manager is sometimes referred to as ______________.
12. The __________is responsible for the efficient operation of the kitchen,
13. The __________ develops a plan of action to keep the lodging property well-maintained.
14. The __________ is responsible for the upkeep of the guest rooms and public areas of the lodging property.
15. The ______________ plays an important role in all departments of the hotel.
16. The __________ develops an overview of the lodging property with regard to finances and communication
17. Who is responsible for the actual and effective administration of financial data produced on a daily basis in the hotel?
18. This person is primarily responsible for making employees “security-minded”, helping to prevent crime.Who is he?
19. If you do not know the _______ of your current staff, you cannot assemble a staff that will meet your needs.
20. A _________ is useful in that is allows the person preparing the job description to determine certain daily requirements.
21. A _________ is a listing of required duties to be performed by an employee in a particular position.
22. ___________sheets list the planned events in the hotel.
23. The responsibility of ensuring a safe environment for guest’s vehicles falls on the ______________.
24. _____________ is a very vital element in the operations of any accommodation requirement.
25. The overall goal of _____________________ is to deliver professional hospitality.
26. The _______________ is a vital link in the communication between the prospective client and a saleperson in the marketing and sales department.
27. The ____________ is responsible for fulfilling the details of service for a banquet or special event.
28. The report on the availability of rooms for immediate guest occupancy is called ___________________.
29. Computerized cash register that interfaces with a property management system is called _____________ terminals.
30. A weekly report prepared by the front office manager that indicates the number of departures, arrivals,walk-ins, stayovers and no-shows, is called:
31. The ____________board presents an inside listing of the daily activities of the hotel.
32. Total quality management was developed by:
33. The function of the ________ team is to provide the professional expertise to understand the market and the consumer segments.
34. A ___________ is a person who is responsible for booking the guest’s requirements for banquets and the other social events.
35. In ____________, all guest charges are automatically posted to an electronic folio.
36. A ____________ is a record of the charges incurred and the credits acquired by the guest during occupancy.
37. The ___________ card provides the hotel with guests’ billing information and provides the guest information on checkout time and room rates.
38. The _________ is a hotel owner who has access to a national reservation system and recieves the benefits of the corporation’s management expertise and financial backing.
39. ______________ of cash flow arises only when there is no balance between the expected cash inflows and cash outflows
40. __________ is the stage where the guest chooses the hotel and makes the reservation.

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