SMU, 1st Sem MBA, MB0043 –Human Resource Management (Summer 2015)

Q1. The success of HR plans depends on the accuracy of HR forecasts. What is the meaning of this HR forecasting? Describe the following HR forecasting techniques: (a) Index/ Trend analysis and (b) Expert forecasting.
Meaning of HR forecasting
Index/ Trend analysis
Expert forecasting
Q2. Write short notes on: (i) Selection test and (ii) Interviews
(i) Various selection tests conducted by organizations
(ii) Interview process and Types of interviews
Q3. What do you mean by management development? What are its objectives and methods?
Meaning of management development
Explanation of On-the-job and Off-the-job development methods
Q4. Suppose you have joined as HR executive in a software company.The first task you have been assigned is to work on Career planning. What are the various career programs will you consider?
List of various career programs
Explanation of the career programs
Q5. Define performance review. What are the types of appraisal methods? Describe the ways to evaluate an employee individually.
Definition of performance review
Types of appraisal methods
Explanation of individual evaluation methods
Q6. Many organizations maintain a disciplinary policy or system to regulate the behavior of the employees and deal with acts of indiscipline. Describe such various disciplinary action – penalties
in business organizations.
List the commonly practiced disciplinary actions
Explanation of each of these actions

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