Retail Branding & CRM (VVN)

Retail Branding & CRM (VVN)

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1 . Retail Branding is a contineous excersise Comment
2 . How a Celebrity Endorsment increases retial popularity?
3 . The Customers Informstion is Key to retailer Success Comment.
4 . Location of retail store decides about its targated Customer Segments how?
5 . Operating effeciency of retail store are key measure for the success or failure of a retail store comment.
6 . Retail merchandise effects its customers liking ness for revising retail store comment.
7 . CRM is the key to success of a reatil chain discuss.
8 . Continuous Improvement in product quality helps retailer in building customers faith discuss.

Case Detail :
Retailing industry is the “cash counter” for all the companies. More so for FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) companies. How in the world some one can explain Wal-Mart continuing to be one of the top-five Fortune 500 companies in the world? What does Wal-Mart manufacture? It manufactures world-class service utility. A typical google search for retailing would yield millions of results underscoring the importance of retailing. The other global retailers such as TESCO, Aldi, Target, Metro, GAP, etc have created new business platforms with their unique and sustaining business models.
Retailing in India, mostly unorganized got a boost in the mid-90s with many Indian companies taking the organized route. Leading the pack is Future Group’s (headed by Kishore Biyani) Big Bazaar, Pantaloons, home town, etc. Following the success of these multi-location stores, other Indian conglomerates have started operating several Pan-India retail outlets. While Reliance Industries (led by Mukesh Ambani) has panned out Reliance Fresh outlets, Birla Group (headed by Kumar Mangalam Birla) had been operating ‘MORE’ retail outlets throughout the country.

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S. No. Questions
1. Futture Group Brands are successful give its details

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2. Discuss new format adopted by Big corporate houses

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3. Discuss Organized retail formats and their mode of operation

1. Straight Arm is an example of
Interior closed display
Interior open display
Exterior closed display
Exterior open display
2. Fog Scent would be classified as
Specialty goods
Shopping goods
Convenience goods
None of the above
3. Wall Fixtures are
Discourage shoplifting
Streamline stock keeping and maintenance
Encourage self-service
All of the above
4. Popular Brand should be which of the following
Easy to remember
All of the above
5. Customers take References from groups refer to…
One person that influences consumers
A group of people that influences consumers to buy
A company that references
A and B
6. Shoppers decides about produts to be purchased when
The way a they discusses a situation
The way a they looks at perplexing problems
The way a they views the world
A and B
7. Supply Chian partnetrs are
Paths of distribution
Ways of buying goods
The paths products take from wholesaler to consumer
A and C
8. Consumer is one who:
Buys products from retailers for personal use
Buys products and sells them to kids
Sells products from a retail store
All of the above
9. During Transaction from Suppliers to retailers, Products are handeled by
10. Big Bazar Types of Stores are Known as
Discount Outlets
On-line discounters
11. Foreign goods purchased in own country comes via
12. Shoppers decide for buying goods by suing their self are…..
Special Qualities
A and B
13. Marketing Students study Consumer Behaviour are
The steps that consumers go through in deciding what to buy
What motivates and influences consumers to buy
How and why consumers respond to different programs and strategies
All of the above
14. Consumer buying behaviour follows steps as ….
Problem recognition, information search, evaluation of alternatives, making the purchase, re-evaluating the purchase
Problem recognition, information search, evaluation of alternatives, making the purchase
Problem recognition, information search, making the purchase, re-evaluating the purchase
None of the above
15. Cognititive dissonance is found in which section of the consumer buying process?
Problem recognition
Information search
Evaluation of alternatives
Making the purchase
16. Movement of Goods from Supplier to counsumer is known as..
Stream of Products
Channels of Distribution
Flow of Goods
All of the above
17. OEM produces for the first time produced…
All of the above
18. Seller who sells Natural Products with any alteration are
19. Suppliers are also known as
Distribution channels
20. When retailer follow a long channel of distribution are
New type of channel
A retro channel
traditional channel
Normal Channel
21. Following one option is not involved in the consumer buying process
Problem recognition
Making the purchase
Information search
22. Traditional barter system is
A system of trade that involves an exchange of goods and services for money
A system of exchange of money for goods and services
A system of trade that involves an exchange of goods and services of others
All of the above
23. Selling Niche Marketing means
Selling products that are non-specific
Targeting a wide-variety of people
Personalized products targeting narrow groups of people
None of the above
24. In free enterprise system
The government has no control
The government guides and oversees
The government controls everything
None of the above
25. Consumers Demographics refers as
Money consumers are willing to spend
Numerical facts about a population
Numerical facts about sales
None of the above
26. Highest level of brand loyalty is
Brand preference
Brand recognition
Brand insistence
A and b
27. Lowest form of brand loyalty
Brand preference
Brand recognition
Brand insistence
C and d
28. An low quality Mobile Phone is in which stage of PLC
29. Latest Configured Phone would be in which stage of PLC
30. Consumers respond selectively to Adavertisements is ..
Broad selection
Attitudes and views
Selective perception
All of the above
31. Wholesaling does not include which of the following services
Market research
32. Marketers plans their Marketing Efforts are
Test market
Target market
Retailers market
Marketable people
33. An architectural display is
Strictly for architects
A display that has been specifically constructed to suit a particular display need.
Ideal for presenting major items related to the home
Both b and c
34. Examples of exterior displays are
Storefront sign and gondola shelving
Table displays and dump displays
Display windows and sidewalk displays
Both b and c
35. Visula Merchandise involves ..
Create simple and effective displays
Design from the customer’s point of view
Maintain displays
All of the above
36. Dump display is
A large board, usually outdoors, on which advertisements are placed
A display of odds and ends, clearance for sale piled into baskets
A display of goods for sale on a wall ledge, escalator housing, ceiling support pillar, or otherwise wasted space, often used for seasonal displays
None of the above
37. Displays are made Purposefully for..
Catch a customer’s attention
Encourage customer’s to brows and examine merchandise
Allow employees quick visual control of merchandise
All of the above
38. Displays are useually follows …
Interior and exterior
Open and closed
Open and interior
Closed and exterior
39. “Visual merchandising” means
A desire that can be satisfied after basic needs are met
An effective display of goods that appeals to the customer’s senses, primarily sight
A term referring to all the business activities involved in buying, selling, and controlling so goods and services can be transferred to the ultimate consumer
A person who recommends another person to a potential employer
40. While Planning Display ——-
Plan your work, work your plan
Work your plan, plan your work
Sometimes a plan is not necessary
None of the above

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