MBA Hospitality Management


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Q1. Discuss the positive and negative impacts that tourism can have on a country in consideration of tourism pollution and ecotourism.

Q2. Why is service so critical in hospitality and tourism industry?

Q3. What are the primary differences between commercial and noncommercial foodservices?

Q4. Explain the importance of accident and loss prevention. What security measures are taken in order to protect guests and their property?

Q5. Why is international travel becoming so important to the hospitality industry? What major challenges do hotel managers face in this area?

Q6. Describe the evolution of American Culinary Arts.

Q7. Explain the attraction of gaming entertainment to the destination of a tourist.

Q8. Give examples of the management functions as they apply to the hospitality industry.

Case Study

Q1. What are the different approaches to the planning of tourism and hospitality development?

Q2. What do you understand by the term hospitality? Explain it at personal front.

Q3. Discuss in brief any two domestic tourism agencies and their role in Promoting tourism and hospitality in India

  1. If you are staying in a five star hotel , you are an
  2. A Dharamshala is suitable for Those
  3. What is the main feature of a time share establishment
  4. In a single bedroom , the number of glasses given to the guests is
  5. Where is hotel Ashok located in New Delhi
  6. The guest enters into a large hotel from its
  7. Cocktails are mixed only by expect cocktail makers or experienced bar tenders. Infact, they are proud of their skills. Why is that so
  8. Which one of the following is not available in the in-flight menu.
  9. What is a motel
  10. Which one of the following is a heritage hotel
  11. One would find boatels in
  12. Which one of the following Organizations is operating youth hostels around the world
  13. Which restaurant chain was involved in a controversy related to beef follow
  14. Why are electric kettles provided in four star and five star hotels
  15. A Duplex room is a room with
  16. A property which provides full ownership of units is called a
  17. What is a mock tail
  18. If a golf course, house riding track and casino have been provided within the premises of a hotel then it is a
  19. Identify the hierarchical sequence
  20. A hotel smaller in size with modest boarding and lodging facilities is known
  21. Founder of Hotel Taj Mumbai was
  22. Name of the founder of Obroi Group of Hotel Chain
  23. Hotel Asoka , which became flagship hotel of ITDC came into being in the year
  24. Modified American plan includes
  25. American plan refuse to
  26. Cabana means
  27. Which state has the maximum number of heritage hotels in India
  28. The DND cards in a maids trolley belong to
  29. Name the underlines cloth used on a restaurant table
  30. APR is the term used in hotel industry for identifying
  31. Identify an international franchise hotel chain
  32. “ Table d’ hot” is a term related to
  33. A food service operation of a limited menu and self service is
  34. A hotel employee who handles restaurant and tour reservations, travel arrangements etc is
  35. A hotel room with all guest rooms occupied is called
  36. Regular published rate of a hotel or other travel service is called
  37. A room viewing a landscape, water body or any other service view is
  38. Food or beverages served in guest room is known as
  39. Pensions are found in
  40. Which is the first state in India to convert its Maharaja’s into hotel

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