MBA 4th Sem Global Business Operation

Q1. What is International Business ?
Q2. Write any four disadvantages of globalization
Q3. Discuss about Ecosystem services in UAE ?
Q4. Explain about Ecosystems services provided by EU ?
Q5. Discuss tyhe various reasons for the growth of MNCS ?
Q6. Discuss about Indian Companies operating abroad ?
Q7. Discuss general Cultural Differences between the West and China ?
Q8. Explain nature of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) ?

Q1. What is Cultural diversity?
Q2. What is Alliance Operation ?
Q3. discuss various steps in conrtact Negotiation.

1. With the Globalization of Markets, the testes and preferences of consumer’s world-wide are:
2. The main advantage of a differentiation strategy in international markets lies in that:
3. The goals of international marketing are to:
4. Being a global organization means:
5. Which of the following represents a company’s effort to identyfy and categorize groups of customers and countries according to common characteristics
6. Which of the following is an approach to natual resource management that focuses on sustaining ecosystems to meet both ecological and human needs in the future?
7. Ecosystems management promotes shared vision of a desired future by ____________________
8. An ecosystem includes all of the living things_______________________
9. Which of the following are the tropical forests that receive a mean rainfall of 80 for every 400 inches annually?
10. The ecological footprint is an estimate of human pressure on global ecosystems, according to the ______________________________
11. Which of the following is an example of a multinational corporation?
12. Multinational corporations’ ______
13. Which level of analysis considers the relative power of states and the interactions of the states themselves?
14. Which of the following powers become newly expensionist in the 1930s”
15. Which level of analysis considers aggregations of individuals within states that influence state actions in the international arena?
16. What id the most important geographic element at the global level of analysis?
17. American Gianet such as: IBM Gillette, Dow Chemical, Hewlett-Packard and Xerox get the majority of their sales from:
18. Developing countries such as china or India benefit from the patronage of companies that outsource to them in terms of:
19. Cross-culture competence refers to the knowladge, skills, and affact/motivation that enable individuals to adapt effectvely in________________.
20. The cultural impact on management is reflected by___
21. _________ refer to those moral theories which hold that the consequences of one’s conduct are the true basis for any judgment about the morality of that conduct?
22. Meta-ethics is the branch of ethics that sheeks to understand the nature of
23. ________ refers to the principles performs and philosophies that direct the business people in the day to day business choice.
24. Managers and acquisitions are both aspects of strategic management, corporate finance and management dealing with the________
25. M & A can be defined as a type of restructuring in that they result in some entity reorganization with the aim to__________
26. ____________ is the area of corporate finaces, management and strategy dealing with purchases and /or joining with other companies.
27. ___________ happen when a company mergers or takes over another company that offers the same or similar product lines and services to the final consumer?
28. Foreign Direct investment outside India means investments, either under_____
29. international business refers to domestic operations within a foreign countries.
30. International business is business whose activities are carried out across national borders.
31. International business is business denotes the operations of a company outside its home or domestic market many refer to this as business conducted within a foreign country
32. International business exports its goods and services all over the world.
33. International business makes minimum utilization of resources.
34. Ecosystems management promotes shared vision of a desired future by integrating social environmental and economic perspectives to managing geographically defined natural ecological systems
35. Ecosystems promote human well beingthrough the various services the provide
36. An ecosystems includes all of the living things in a given area interacting with each other and also with their non living environments.
37. Desert ecosystems are located in regions that receive an annual rainfall less than 35
38. Economic indicator is a piece of economic data usually of macroeconomic scale, that is used by investors to interpret current or future investment possibilities and judge the overall health of an economy.
39. Multinational corporations have unique and empirical capacity to increase production and distribution.
40. MNCs can provide the requird financial technical technical and other resource to needy countries in exchange for economic gains.
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