Amity BBA 4th Sem ASODL Advertisement

Amity BBA Assignment A
Q2 Distinguish between five different forms of advertising, giving a specific example of each.
Q3. How companies do their advertising campaign planning? Explain each step in detail?
Q4. Explain the five functions of advertising.
Q5 Write short notes on following (attempt any three)
a) Brand Parity
b) Clutter
c) Percentage of sales method
d) Flighting schedule of advertising
e) Hierarchy of effects model
Q6. What is the difference between media planning and media buying? Briefly describe the various tasks of media planners and buyers

Amity BBA Assignment B
Case study
Q1. “The advertising message is also governed by the creative strategy used to arrive at the message. Discuss the various types of creative strategies that Cadbury can use in its advertising campaigns.”

Amity BBA Assignment C
Q1. Any paid form of non-personal communication about an organization, good, service, or idea by an identified sponsor is called—
Q2. Advertising that promotes a specific brand’s features and benefits is—
Q3. Reminder advertisements are especially effective for products in which stage of the product life cycle?
Q4. A concern when using sex appeal is—
Q5. Billboard advertising is most effective for which type of advertisement?
Q6 The offer of one free pizza with the purchase of two pizzas at the regular price might appeal to you one evening. What is the term for this incentive offer?
Q7 Which type of sales promotion is used when a manufacturer places one small bottle of shampoo in a clear bag and hangs it from the door of each house in a neighborhood?
Q8. Sales tools used to support a company’s advertising and personal selling directed to wholesalers, retailers, or distributors are called—
Q9. The increasing efforts by advertising agencies, trade associations, and marketing associations to impose standards upon themselves that reflect the values of society are called—
Q10. Reimbursing a retailer for extra in-store support or special featuring of— the brand is called
Q11. A concern when using humor appeal is—
Q12. The objective of distributing coupons is/are to—
Q13. The objective(s) of using premiums is/are to:
Q14. The objective of using contests is to—
Q15. DAGMAR stands for—
Q16 All marketing activities that attempt to stimulate quick buyer action or immediate sales of a product are known as—
Q17 Which one of the following is the greatest obstacle to implementing integrated marketing communications?
Q18 A detergent that advertises how clean it gets clothes is appealing to the __________ consumer need.
Q19 The process of translating thought into a symbolic form is known as ___________.
Q20. By definition, __________ simply means that consumers come in contact with the marketer’s message
Q21. Which of the following is NOT a requirement for setting advertising objectives?
Q22. A (n) __________ advertising objective is aimed at achieving communication outcomes that precede behavior.
Q23. The first step of the objective-and-task method is __________.
Q24. A clothing store that sets their advertising budget by following the major competitor and adding an additional 15 percent is using the __________ method.
Q25. A good copy-testing system needs to provide measurements that are ____________.
Q26. Strength of radio advertising is ___________.
Q27. Which of the following is NOT a problem with television advertising?
Q28. The concept of effective reach states that fewer exposures to advertisements are required __________.
Q29. In a _________ advertising schedule, advertising is used during every period of the campaign, but the amount of advertising varies considerably from period to period
Q30. Which method of setting an advertising budget relies on analyzing competitors’ spending?
Q31. Soaring media costs, focused target marketing strategies, and the growing array of new media have increased the importance of ________.
Q32. The Internet, video on demand, and DVRs (digital video recorders) present which of the following problems for marketers?
Q33. Developing an effective message strategy begins with identifying ________ that can be used as advertising appeals.
Q34. Which of the following is not one of the major steps in media selection?
Q35. Scheduling ads unevenly, or ________, builds awareness that is intended to be carried over to the next advertising period.
Q 36. ________ use several tools, including the news, speeches, and special events.
Q37. A.Y. McDonald, a manufacturer of pumps and plumbing valves, employs regional salespeople to sell its products to wholesalers and cities. This is an example of ________.
Q38. You receive a report that says the 68% of your target market had been exposed to your ad campaign during a given period of time. This is an example of ________.
Q39. A brand’s advertising budget is often dependent upon the stage of the product life cycle that it occupies. What stage would a product be in typically if large amounts of money were being spent to develop awareness and persuade consumers to try the product?
Q40. A marketing services firm that assists companies in planning, preparing, implementing and executing all or portions of their advertising programmes is called—
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