Amity MBA 3rd Sem ASODL E-Commerce

Amity MBA Assignment A
Q1. Explain why B2B and B2C initiatives require different IT infrastructures.
Q2. What are the three stages of the new technology adoption curve or S-curve? And what stage do many experts believe e-commerce is entering?
Q3. What do you understand by a digital signature? Explain it’s application and verification diagrammatically.
Q4. What are the various types viruses? What can a virus to do the computer?
Q5. What is the purpose of the domain name system (DNS)?
Q6. What is one of the benefits of layering to a complex system?
Q7. What is the difference between a web site and a portal?
Q8. What is the most valuable function of the proxy server?
Amity MBA Assignment B
Case Study
Information Management in E Commerce ABC Ltd is a manufacturer of mobile handsets. It has its manufacturing plant in Bangalore and its offices and retail outlets in different cities in India and
abroad. The organization wants to have information systems connecting all the above facilities and also providing access to its suppliers as well as customers.
(a) Discuss various issues in developing information systems and fulfilling information needs at different levels in the organization.
(b) Explain different security threats in the context of e-commerce for the above company.
Amity MBA Assignment C
1. The primary focus of most B2C applications is generating ____.
(a). Revenue
(b). Product
(c). Service
(d). Web Site
2. Which is most significant for web based advertisers?
(a). Impressions
(b). Page Views
(c). Click Thoughts
(d). Hits
3. Digital products are particularly appealing for a company’s bottom line
because of-
(a). The freedom from the law of diminishing returns
(b). The integration of the value chain.
(c). The increase in brand recognition.
(d). The changes they bring to the industry.
4. The differences between B2B and B2C exchanges include
(a) Size of customer set
(b) Transaction volume
(c) Form of payment
(d) Level of customization on products/services
(A). a and b
(B). a, b, and c
(C). b and c
(D). All of the above
5. What is the most significant part of e-commerce:
(a). B2B
(b). B2E
(c). B2C
(d). C2C
6. Security-and-risk services include–
(a). Firewalls & policies for remote access
(b). Encryption and use of passwords
(c). Disaster planning and recovery
(d). All of the above
(e). a & b only
7. Business Plans are important when trying to find capital to start up your new
business. Important elements of a business plan include:
(a). Sales And Marketing
(b). Human resources handbook
(c). Business description
(d). a and c
8. Based on the study, in the supply side initiatives, which of the following
clusters was the only one found to be critical enterprise-wide?
(a). IT management
(b). Communications
(c). Data management
(d). IT-architecture-and-standards
9. E-commerce increases competition by: erasing geographical boundaries,
empowering customers and suppliers, commoditizing new products, etc. How do
companies usually solve this problem?
(a). By competing on price
(b). By selling only through traditional channels.
(c). By lowering costs
(d). By creating attractive websites
10. On which form of e-commerce does Dell Computer Corporation rely in
conducting its business?
(a). B2E
(b). B2C
(c). B2B
(d). None of the above
(e). All of the above
11. What is the ‘last mile’ in the last mile problem? The link between your…
(a). Computer and telephone
(b). Home and telephone provider’s local office
(c). Office and server
(d). Home and internet service provider
12. Which of the following is a function of a proxy server?
(a). Maintaining a log of transactions
(b). Caching pages to reduce page load times
(c). Performing virus checks
(d). Forwarding transactions from a user to the appropriate server
(e). All of the above
13. An example of the supply chain of commerce is :
(a). A company turns blocks of wood into pencils.
(b). A department supplies processed data to another department within a
(c). A consumer purchases canned vegetables at the store.
(d). None of the above
14. Just after your customers have accepted your revolutionary new e-commerce
idea, which of the following is not expected to immediately happen?
(a). Competitor catch-up moves
(b). Commoditization
(c). First-mover expansion
(d). None of the above
15. Which of the following statements about E-Commerce and E-Business is true?
(a). E-Commerce involves buying and selling over the internet while
E-Business does not.
(b). E-Commerce is B2C (business to consumer) while E-Business is B2B
(business to business).
(c). E-Business is a broader term that encompasses E-Commerce (buying and
selling) as well as doing other forms of business over the internet.
(d). None of the above.
16. Where do CGI (Common Gateway Interface) application programs or scripts run?
(a). On the client through a web browser
(b). On the client through temporary stored files
(c). On the web server
(d). Where the user installs them
(e). None of the above
17. In which model the application logic is partitioned among the clients and
multiple specialized servers?
1. Two tier
2. Three tier
3. N tier
(a). 1
(b). 2
(c). 2 & 3
(d). 3
18. What of the following are the 3 types of web information system logic?
(a). Presentation, business, information/data
(b). Presentation, information/data, active server pages
(c). Business, information/data, client/server
(d). None
19. Software, music, digitized images, electronic games, pornography can be
revenue sources for the B2C e-commerce
(a). Selling services
(b). Doing customization
(c). Selling digital products
(d). Selling physical products
20. What e-commerce category is the largest in terms of revenue?
(a). Business to Business (B2B)
(b). Intra-Business (B2E)
(c). Business to Consumer (B2C)
(d). Consumer to Consumer (C2C)
21. An application layer protocol, such as FTP or HTTP, is transparent to the
end user.
(a) Always
(b) Never
(c) Sometimes
(d) None Of Above
22. B2B & B2C IT initiatives can use the same E-Commerce platforms
(a) Always
(b) Never
(c) Sometimes
(d) None Of Above
23. B2B involves small, focused customer set with large transaction volume per customer, periodic consolidated payments and significant customizations of products and services
(a) Always
(b) Never
(c) Sometimes
(d) None Of Above
24. Two computers can communicate using different communication protocols.
(a) Always
(b) Never
(c) Sometimes
(d) None Of Above
25. Which is/are types of e – commerce?
(a). B2B
(b). B2C
(c). C2C
(d). All the above
26. Which of the following items is used to protect your computer from unwanted
(a). A cookie.
(b). A browser.
(c). A firewall.
(d). A server.
27. For selling physical products on the Internet, what is the key to profitability?
(a). Hook
(b). Cost Control
(c). Brand Recognition
(d). Customization
28. Which of the following B2C companies is the best example of achieving its financial success through controlling its cost?
(a). Yahoo
(b). Amazon
(c). E-Bay
(d). Google
(e). None of the above
29.,,, are all
examples of what?
(a). Intermediary Services websites
(b). Physical Communities
(c). B2C websites
(d). Virtual Communities
30. Which of the following is the least attractive product to sell online?
(a). Downloadable music
(b). Software
(c). A pda
(d). Electronic stock trading
31. In the e-mail address what is the top-level domain
(a). gsm
(b). uci
(c). edu
32. What do you think cookies do
(a). They are threat to privacy
(b). The help the user not to repeat some input info
(c). They personalize user’s webpage
(d). B and c
(e). All of the above
33. Much of’s initial success can be attributed to which of the
(a). Low prices
(b). Brand recognition
(c). Fast web connections
(d). Customer service
34. It is particularly difficult to maintain the competition advantage based on
(a). Quality
(b). Efficiency
(c). Price
(d). Internal Cost Reduction
(e). Brand
35. What type of application has the potential to change a market or even create
a new market?
(a). Software application
(b). Intelligent application
(c). Killer application
(d). Business application
36. Why did the e-commerce boom, as evidenced by soaring stock prices of
Internet businesses such as and e Toys, went bust in 2000?
(a). Websites started by techies who lack business knowledge
(b). Lack of good business model
(c). Investors’ and entrepreneurs’ greed and ignorance
(d). All of the above
37.. Why can’t new connection infrastructure like DSL, Cable Modem, and fiber optics solve the last mile problem?
(a). Availability
(b). Cost
(c). Distance
(d). All of the Above
38. These are all the uses of plug-ins except?
(I). Air fresheners
II. Speed up data transmission
III. Enhance browser capability
IV. To view different file types
(a) I and II
(b) III and IV
(c) I
(d) I and IV
39. A system with universally accepted standards for storing, retrieving, formatting, and displaying information in a networked environment best defines:
(a) A web site.
(b) A web location.
(c) The World Wide Web.
(d) An intranet.
40. What’s the real potential of e-commerce?
(a) Making a profit
(b) Generating Revenue
(c) Improving efficiency
(d) Buying and selling on the internet and WWW
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